Middle-aged fashion thread - summer jacket


What you rocking, DiS?

I need a summer jacket but can’t find a nice one - seems like places are only selling bomber jackets.


I need one too.

Let’s get matching ones for this weekend, in @thewarn neopolitan/Estonian flag.


Nothing seems to have stuck yet but I keep changing between denim jacket, hoodie with a leather jacket, coach jacket, navy bomber and berghaus geography teacher coat for inevitable showers.



do you need to look anywhere else?


Yellow Fat Face “mac” thing / grey hoodie / Decathlon lightweight down jacket





e.g. have you ever seen a more delighted looking model?



Update: technical jacket needs are already covered


I’m not a cyclist


None of these are cycling jackets. Obv you wouldn’t even think of wearing a jacket while cycling in the summer, unless it was chucking it down.


Cardigan and hoodie


I just saw Decathlon and assumed bike.



“Ten others are looking at this right now”


The jacket says outdoor adventurer, the eyes say take me to Dignitas


Cream linen single breasted sports jacket.

This sounds gross.


Still rocking this one


Get a cream linen jacket from Burtons.


Not sure I should wear anything cream, fopps.