middle name

Just read this whole article, and it includes Losing My Religion as being a song that has no chorus and… doesn’t it?

Like, the “That’s me in the corner / that’s me in the spotlight / losing my religion” bit is, isn’t it?

Also, I do have a middle-name, but it’s just kinda bleh.

Up The Junction is such a great song


Oh and I don’t have one

My full first name is never used though I guess

aw thank you! Something to aspire to

My Grandad was called Hubert Hudson (surname that also begins with an H)

The original Triple H


Yeah tbh it’s a pretty good list.

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hey man that’s great, good for you!

my great grandmother was one of three daughters but their last name could also be used as a male first name

so to keep the name in the family, she named her son with that name, and it remains in the family as my middle name (also a middle name for one of my cousins)

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Don’t have one. My siblings don’t have middle names either.


That feels like… a stretch on their part. Although I have to admit I’m no expert on song structure.

I love my middle name

It is Welsh

As in a Welsh word not the word Welsh


Sglodion is an unusual middle name but I guess it’s pretty good

Mine’s fairly common but with a slightly ~unusual~ spelling because… :woman_shrugging:

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No gimmicks.

i suppose so

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ate steak and chips tonight, so everything else is meaningless.


I seriously don’t have one but I once received post addressed for some reason to “Daniel Rectums.”

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Once convinced someone my middle name was Herod. Thought I was particularly clever at the time but in recent years I’ve come to wonder if I should worry that someone could believe that.

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would have thought you were a biblical person without judgement.

Omg Roy is NOT a wrongun he’s a national institution