Middle Names

Never had a middle name, nor my siblings. Logic being that we can choose our own ones when we get older (or so our parents tell us). Still don’t have one though, do I? Haven’t found the right name.

Do you have a middle name?
Are you happy with it?
Would you rather another?
What middle name should I get?

Yes I wish it was my first name


Hello Ma0sm. Here is my theory about western male’s middle names.

Every western male’s middle name is either their Dad’s name, their Granddad’s name, James or John. No exceptions.



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My son’s middle name is the first name of the dude who did the 20 week scan. He was very nice and helped us a lot.

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Do you have a middle name? - Yes I do
Are you happy with it? - I am completely indifferent about it
Would you rather another? - Nah
What middle name should I get? - Osmosis

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So James then?

I am an exception to this. My apologies.

Can I shock you?

My dad uses one of his middle names as his first name. Always used to make us laugh when he’d get official mail which would use his actual first name.

No you aren’t

From the information provided, I now know that your father’s name is Michael but he goes by Ben

Do you have a middle name? - Yes
Are you happy with it? - It’s fine
Would you rather another? - No need
What middle name should I get? - the (lower case ‘t’ important)


Eastenders drums

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My middle name is my dad’s middle name, no idea why.

I’ve got a confirmation name too. Don’t think I’ve ever used it.

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It’s because your Dad’s middle name is John

I was to choose my own also. I had settled on Floyd (not because of Pink or Keith but Jimmy Hasselbaink) but never got round to doing it.


Not fussed by it. Often forget about it and am mildly surprised when it crops up.
I guess I’d prefer a more interesting one, yes, just for shits and giggles.

He was ultra sound!!!


Probs mentioned this before, but I got rid of my middle name when I took my wife’s surname. My middle name only ever got used in conjunction with my old surname and so it felt very odd when I tried it with the new one.

@ma0sm given our previous name similarity, try using my old middle name Daniel as your new middle name.

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