Middle Names

Not for me,

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In my (catholic) school they also bribed you with a trip to Ireland if you got confirmed.

I said ‘My faith cannot be bought Mr. Gilligan’

(I didnt, I just CBA actually)

E. D. Lights?


My mum told my dad what she wanted to call me, he offered to register the birth or whatever, had a bit too much to drink inbetween the hospital and town hall/registry office so just gave me the same name as him.


Yes, yes, no.

I think your middle name should be Wilberforce.

Do you have a middle name?
Are you happy with it?
Would you rather another?
What middle name should I get?

I have 2.
My middle initials are “OG”, so my parents accidentally gave me a rap name. I’m pretty happy.
My middle names are inherited from grandmother & great-grandmother so I don’t mind them.
Your middle name should be Danger. Dammit! @hip_young_gunslinger beat me to it.


I have a middle name so my sister could be part of naming me. It’s alright, I guess

My dad is another one who uses one of his middle names (he has 2) instead of his first. In that sense I can see an advantage…gives kids a choice of 2 or 3 if they don’t like their first name.

Make your middle name the same as your surname and do a sort of double gunshot every time you say it. People will love it.


Danger is also one of the tags in this thread

The doctor was a woman :open_mouth:

If you look at my family tree there was a bit of a thing about giving the second son the middle name Alonzo, which by the time it got to my dad had been watered down to just plain Alan.

I don’t mind what I have, but I think a middle name like Alonzo would lead to some interesting conversations at the very least.


Do you have a middle name? - No

Are you happy with it? - Not happy with not having one, no

Would you rather another? - Would rather any ffs :rage:

What middle name should I get? A tricky line to tread - no point getting something bang average, but also you want to be careful of being ‘whacky’ (especially after yesterday’s thread).

We’ve done this thread recently as I remember saying that I was finally going to officially give myself the middle name of Franz as the TV vetoed it for our son literally while we were on route to register him. Instead, as per the @anon5266188 theory he has his grandfather’s name (which is also John) and his great-grandfather’s name as middle names. His first name is fairly rare though - only 10 births registered with in it in the year of his birth in England & Wales. His sister has got pretty cool, unusual middle names. Still haven’t done mine - might make it a new year’s resolution.

When people ask me why I don’t have one (nor do any of my siblings) I tell them that we were too poor when I was little to afford one. Don’t know how funny that actually is, but I’ve been making that joke for 30 years now so I’m not giving it up…


Mine is an extended form of the first name of a member of The Grateful Dead. Although quite possibly not that member’s actual proper name.

My grandad was not a member of The Grateful Dead.

Maybe I’m not Western, but I think I am.

Do you have a middle name? Yes
Are you happy with it? Meh
Would you rather another? Not really
What middle name should I get? the Hitman (insert wrestling handle of choice eg. the Hammer, the Snake, Macho Man)

I never read the tags

Do you have a middle name? Yes
Are you happy with it? Yes
Would you rather another? No
What middle name should I get? Timothy or Merlin

My parents gave me and my three siblings a middle name beginning with A, so that our initials spelled a three-letter word. The dicks.

(we all have different middle names, obvs)

One of my friends from school always claimed he didn’t have a middle name, “couldn’t afford one!” he would often jovially chuckle when asked about it. Then one day, when we were grown adults who could fill out official forms, he revealed he’d had a middle name all along but had just that day got rid of it. His father had to sell his prized motorbike when he was born, because he could afford to have a motorbike or a son but not both. In tribute to the motorbike he gave his son a middle name matching that of the motorbike’s make, much to his son’s embarrassment. I forgot exactly what the name was, I did message him and ask but he won’t tell me.


Yes, I have a middle name.
Yes, I like it a lot. It was my great-gran’s middle name (not her first name as I thought for a long time) and I liked her a lot.
I sometimes think having an extra middle name would be cool, but I don’t want to be greedy.
I suggest your middle name should be Stephen.

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Just coming