Middle school


Fuck’s that about?

So back in the mists of time, I went to:
Infants - age 5 to 7
Juniors - age 8 to 11
Seniors - age 12 to 16/18

Turns out that some places have a weird middle school arrangement up to age 13(?)


posh people.


Primary (4-11)
Secondary (11-16)
6th form (16-18)



primary 4-9
middle 9-13
high 13-18


Lads - we’ve got one here


Island folk eh


isle of wight for you. i believe some of the very worst schools in the country are there.


Primary school: 5-12
Secondary school: 12-18


I went to a middle school, seemed a bit pointless


This was an alternative to the OP. The infants / juniors were on the same site but in different buildings, so arguably ‘primary’ covers the 5-11 age group


A few places still have the three-tier, rather than the two-tier (primary/secondary) system. It was pretty common during the late-60s, 70s when school leaving ages were changed and the 11-plus was scrapped in most areas.

The area I grew up in had it, and still does.


We never had a division between infants/juniors so we were all crammed into the same school. Meant chaos when a teacher was out and a load of twelve year olds got chucked into a class of six year olds.


English people reminiscing about their middle/high school years

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thankfully i can barely remember anything about school now


It’s a long time since I was at middle school in Kings Cliffe (30 years give or take). Northamptonshire is an odd place.


My secondary school had a ‘lower’ (yrs 7-9) and an ‘upper’ school (yrs 10-13), on completely different sites. I guess the lower school was a bit like a middle school (it was absolute hell, 3 years of misery, probably where a lot of my mental health problems stem from).


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There is a little village primary school not too far from me with c50 pupils and it has 2 classes with mixed ages from 4 to 11. Can’t imagine how that works. Worst thing is that it feeds into the local secondary school which has c1,800 pupils. Poor sods’ heads must spin


Lågstadiet: F-3
Mellanstadiet: 4-5/6
Högstadiet: 6/7-9


Can’t even pronounce ‘Nene’ properly :roll_eyes: