Middle Week Thread


Wednesday is here and I, for one, welcome its arrival.

Going to have some bacon and hash browns shortly when the canteen opens then 2pm finish, a bit of swimming this evening with les enfants.

How about youse, huns?

I feel like shiiiiite today. Can’t breathe, asthma, snot. Urgh. Tired because the dog has the runs and has been waking us up in the middle of the night again.

Off to some training in Reading. 3 of us, hire car in colleagues name and I’m in the back. Might sleep or chuck a film on

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Can’t be arsed m9s

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Cold today

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Morning all. Been to the gym before work. First time I’ve been able to do three days in a row since getting my ankle semi-fixed. It was far too cold to leave the house in shorts. How do postal workers and Geordies manage it, eh?
This is my first day back and feeling… very hmm about it, tbh, but that’ll pass.

Susanna Reid’s facial expressions annoy me
Still fit though

Morning team,

Went to the gym this morn for the first time in fucking ages…I didn’t enjoy it too much but it’s a start but fuck me im unfit.


please don’t make me go to work today. please

WFH. Still awaiting feedback from Monday’s job interview. 3 weeks until I finish this one…

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Hey guys.

Neither of us arsed to cook so toasted sandwiches it is

With cheese that is



The ol’ Marcofella cheese

And you call them toasted despite the fact that they are obviously grilled


Fried, surely??

Patented grilled cheese sandwiches

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Came in a half an hour early. Why did I do this?

There’s no oil

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Very badly fried

I’m not having anything being grilled in a frying pan.

Think Theo was right and it’s toasted

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Hmm… seems to be the common consensus. I don’t like it, but I’ll have to go along with it.