Midnight Club - new Mike Flannigan Netflix show

Haven’t started watching yet, but really enjoyed everything he’s done so far - and think there’ll be enough fans here to justify a thread

Get discussing below!

Watched the first episode last night when I was in the sleepy fuzzy mode and enjoyed it.

Really liked The Haunting of Hill House, liked Bly Manor (despite the accent choices made by the creative team) and absolutely LOVED Midnight Mass. Can’t wait for The Fall of the House of Usher. Not seen all of his films but thought Doctor Sleep was kind of excellent. I guess you could call me a FlanFan (please don’t)

Was a bit dubious of the first 5-10 minutes of this but it started to come together well by the second half of the episode. I’m guessing it’s aimed at a younger audience but should hopefully be quite fun and effective.

I really enjoy this, about four episodes in. Coming of age and horror mystery, both done really well. Yeah m9

I really enjoyed hill house, bly manor was decent but some of it annoyed me but midnight mass i really struggled with gave up after two episodes i think, have i missed out?

Gonna give this a go though, heard its got a world record for jump scares or something??

The first episode does yeah

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4 episodes in and im definitely hooked.

Great drama story with some really spooky and atmospheric moments. Building up a more “weird” backstory now which works well. Excited to watch more tonight. Fab acting too!

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Only watched two, and found it quite poor so far but will crack on. Have loved a lot of what he’s done before.

Quite amused by the first episode ending with Flagpole Sitta.

“Coming back from the dead, Jeremy? That’s insane.”


Beginning now

Good intro font

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Two episodes into this, enjoying it but hasn’t grabbed me yet although the house is stunning.

might be obvious to everyone already, but Dr Stanton is played by Heather Langenkamp aka Nancy from Nightmare on Elm Street! goddamn horror royalty


Assume this classic still is work safe?

HouseofMysteriousSecrets.com > A Nightmare on Elm Street Nancy Bathtub ...

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bit silly to start this then not update it with my own thoughts eh! 5 episodes in

really enjoying the stories-with-stories framework, and the different genre approaches that each one takes - ep 4’s noir one being my favourite so far, was giggling away to that as a fan of the genre. But ep 5’s was probably the “best” story, very affecting and interesting set-up. As always with him performances are excellent across the cast, really warming to everyone and people who before seemed quite background like Amesh and Cheri getting more depth over time

not finding any of it scary but still builds a good creeping atmosphere in the darkest parts, so far the teen coming of age stuff is definitely what it does best - some lovely character moments in there so far on that front. Nice that he hasn’t lost his edge given it’s aimed a little younger though, the wet crack sound in Kevin’s story when the guy murdered the girl with the hammer was satisfyingly gross

I am intrigued overall - do we think (speculation) that the hospice is there to gather vulnerable, dying people to use as human sacrifices?


Im on ep 6 and have wondered about the human sacrifice thing too.

This show revealed an interesting contrast between the members of my family unit

Reacting to a particularly surprising jump scare

MOTHER: Fucking hell!

MANCHES: jiminy jillickers!

FATHER: why is it your first instinct to say jiminy jillickers

Up to episode 8 now, gotten more into it now and enjoying the format. Story in episode 8 reminded me of Dead End, might go back and rewatch as think that might be the first horror I ever saw. (Spoiler text is about a reference not about plot development)

Going to try and find time to finish the final two episodes back to back, intrigued to see where it is going.

Episode 6 with the ritual where they all sacrifice their favourite things for Anya made me cry. Fuck sake that man can write a tear jerking scene when he wants to

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Episode 7 - Green Day fuck :smiley: can’t decide if that’s great or terrible or just perfect for how (understandably) emo 90s teens would behave

That made me cry too, that entire episode really. Incredible writing.

How harrowing is the terminal illness side of the show? I’m up for horror, ghost stories and general 90s nostalgia, but find cancer/end of life themes way too triggering I’m afraid, so I’m nervous about watching.