Midnight feasts

After you’ve gone to bed at night, do you ever get up a few hours later and head to the kitchen for a snack?

I know it happens on TV a lot, but my housemate also does this, seemingly most nights. I find it kind of odd, not sure I’ve ever felt the need.

  • Yes I do this regularly
  • I’ve been known to do it occasionally
  • No of course I don’t

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If I couldn’t sleep I might get up and have a cup of tea or something but I’d never have food.


I do sometimes have a snack just before going to bed though (when drunk, obv), which is nearly as stupid.


i often eat something not long before bed which is probably why i’m getting fatter

can’t sleep, better get up and have a caffeinated drink!!


Get up at 3am and poach an egg.

I do find that tea doesn’t affect my sleep at all, though if I were having a cup in the middle of the night it’s most likely it’d be decaf innit.

can’t imagine waking up in the night and being even slightly functional enough to do this

Back in the glory days (aged 20-25, going to the pub most nights, living at home with parents, borderline depressed) I used to have two peanut butter foldies just before going to bed.

Couldn’t work out why I was getting so fat.

decaf tea :open_mouth:

I try to starve myself some evenings and then wonder why I can’t sleep 3 hours after I’ve gone to bed, then have to admit defeat and eat something.

what’s your technique? (for getting up at 3am)

Foldies ladies and gentlemen, foldies.


wondering who was going to pick up on this.

Jizz vortex.

Just means they’re not having a substantial enough tea (dinner)

CGs new band?

indeed (I’m busy tonight, sorry)

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i have to say, he normally has fairly hefty dinners, but maybe he doesn’t eat enough the rest of the day for all i know. he only had cereal for dinner last night so i’ll allow it.

What a pathetic adult baby.

In unrelated news, my Huel got delivered today.

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