Midnightpunk Album Listening Party

Such a stable throb that is ready to explode with pent up anger.


Frantic white noise.

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Let Me Down Gently

this is like being in the womb

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I’ve not heard this for a while. I think a warm organ… ah, there it is.

Gospel beauty. They sound so out of it yet it is all so well controlled.

So Hot (Wash Away All Of My Tears)

Soothing but it feels like it is soothing something very purposefully self damaged.


Here we goooooooooo

this is what I thought the whole album was going to be like

That groove. Just all encompassing. Simple yet so deep. Like a lock around you, and it keeps adding layer upon layer.

I remember Debbie Harry going on about this song, saying something like it was the most psychedelic track she’d ever heard.

It’s like a slab of something. The sound is just heavenly.

Now is so good.

This could go on for hours and I wouldn’t complain.

Utterly hypnotic.

Lord Can You Hear Me

it’s just one chord, isn’t it? goes so relentlessly you end up having to rethink all your ideas of space and time, was laying on the sofa with my eyes closed and became quite unmoored

(suicide, not lord can you hear me)


So fragile after the assault of the previous track.