Midnightpunk Album Listening Party

What I love about the album is how sincere it is. It is angry, direct yet always true. It is clearly made in or for altered states, yet it can generate altered states to a sober listener.

It can take you away and it takes a special album to be able to do that.

…and it’s done.

It’s always been a 10/10 for me from my first listen when I was 19.

It hasn’t changed at all over the years.


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yeah, enjoyed that a lot. Surprisingly gentle and fragile but when it goes, it really goes. One of those records that takes you wholly into its own world for forty minutes or so


Thanks for joining in. I loved listening to it again. Just stuck Suicide on again, it never fails to grip the listener. It is so scorched and locked into its groove that the slightest changes to it, of which there are many, sound so powerful. Them small deviations leap out at you as they lock you in so deep with its main groove.


I. Is. Hypnotise.

It is probably in my all time top ten albums.

Would urge anyone reading this to give it a listen sometime, and do so with the album having your full attention. No distractions and it will take you away.

Utter bliss.


What’s on this weekend?

Not sure if I’m free. Work is exhausting for me at the moment, incredible hours, like 16 hours a day.

Might do one on Saturday as they are fun and relaxing. Will post if I can do one, but feel free without me if not, etc.


Just realised it’s Eurovision too…

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Anything this week?

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How about…

Public Enemy - It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back

Saturday 21st May. 9pm.



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Gosh, I wonder which popular metal band might be sampled on this one?


Reminder for anyone interested.

Public Enemy - It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back.

Tonight at 9pm. All welcome.


Going to put this out there that I think this, again, is amongst the 20 best albums I have ever heard.

Also, very recently, I have changed my opinion for the first time ever about what is its best track.


1988 here we come…

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Countdown To Armageddon

Let’s just hope that isn’t Tim Westwood.

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Such a massive way to start the album. You know what’s to follow is going to be monumental.


Bring The Noise