Midpoint Evening Thread

Well done everyone for making it this far.

Making my Thai pork and peanut curry for the first time in ages. It’s worth it but jfc buying all the ingredients at once is painful


Eating noodles

Got to do a shit tonne of laundry as our washing amchine got repaired todatly - going to do dumb anime stuff in ff14


Evening JP et al!

I had a reasonably productive day of work (which normally means I’m heading for a meltdown next week). I applied for another job and went for my flu jab too.

I made baked sweet potatoes and chilli for tea. It was pretty good and used up some sauce that had been in our fridge for almost too long.

Tonight, I need to put The Child to bed, watch the end of the D&D film and leave feedback on two (possibly more) essays that I won’t have a chance to do tomorrow before class.



Had sausage, mash, beans for tea.

Back at work early in the morning, so having a nice sit down for an hour or two before an early bedtime.

This puts me off loads of recipes. Spending the equivalent of half a week’s shopping on one meal, invariably for a load of things that’ll then sit in the cupboard unused for the next 2 years.

Listening to a band called Michael Cera Palin. What a fucking terrible name.


Sort of took half day by accident went in late, had a long lunch at stereo and finished early to see How to have sex.

Was great.

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I wouldn’t even get as far as listening to a band with that name. If you can’t be bothered to think of a better name than that then I can’t be bothered listening. That’s my attitude.

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I mean, yeah they’re good. But totally agreed with your reasoning

Found my fav NA beer at the shop, nice one

And got an A beer too, just in case

Hello! The boots I thought were worn in turned out not to be, so I’ve shuffled across town to get a bus to a gig which TFL have decided not to run :upside_down_face: this is rude cos I have blisters!

Made this from scratch.



Just having a (NA) drink while I wait for a pal then off to see Model/Actriz. C really BA but hopefully the gig will energise me a bit.

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Had pizza.

A musician has sent me some lovely stuff for a project i’m doing, going to try to choose my favourite then torture myself on my accupressure mat.

No uni tonight for some reason. Gives me more time to be terrified about an event I’m talking at tomorrow :eyes:

Hey there superstars

Got to come home at lunch for ppa which was good as it meant taking the dog out in the light

Green garden veg pie for dinner, chocolonely bites with tea and bake off catchup in a bit


So far this evening my wife has asked if Keith Richards was the ‘chef that was always pissed’ and then got Sting and Phil Collins mixed up.


Drinking a nice bottle of cremant de Bourgogne as a celebration for nice job news.


Loathe my new electric stove btw

Was meant to be going to see Decisive Pink this evening, but it’s been cancelled via Dice, without any statement from the band, promoter or venue.

So I’m in the house on my own tonight as my girlfriend has gone to see Sleater Kinney.

Think I’m going to write a few reports for the hockey newsletter instead.


Watching the Robbie Williams documentary. Very interesting.