Midpoint Evening Thread

Started a rewatch of Gomorrah, some top TV.

We did manage to watch the rest of D&D (second half better than the first - would recommend to @dingers @HobbesWhenHeWasNew and any other of the D&D team) and looked over some coursework for tomorrow.

One of my class believed in Santa until she was twelve, which I’m still struggling to get my head around.

SiL took us to see Finch play their first album.got a Deftones song for good measure, was superb. Arrived back to Paddington and had a good chat with a pair of Kurds, whom were heading back to West Drayton, one from Iraq, the other, Iran. Both wanted one day to go back, but to eachother’s ‘countries’ as their families had each moved. Typical, living in hotels on our dime, refugees, complaining about shit that happened over 100 years ago. They even had the nerve to ask me what the poppy signs meant. Anyway, we got eachother on Instagram , so got to check out their restaurant next time we’re out Paddington way.


Midpoint? If only

Spent much of today feeling shit about my job/lack of love life/life in general, and delivering bad news to people I’ve not seen or talked to in a long time. Feeling very dislocated and morose and fed up as a result. Fear I’ll be on a short tether tomorrow

There are people staying in the flat below this one (airbnb townhouse converted into two flats). There is so little sound insulation that it feels intrusive. Earlier I could hear full sentences of their conversation. I hope they don’t stay long. Can also hear next door but not quite as clearly.

I know the feeling. But just look for other recipes in a similar vein that will also require the herbs and spices etc you’ve bought. Or just play around with them. You learn very quickly what works with what. Suddenly that stupidly expensive one-off investment opens doors to other recipes you wouldn’t have considered before (and makes them far cheaper).


You do realise that this is how many people live, day to day, right? With shit sound insulation. They can probably hear your conversations too.

This may shock you but this is not my first experience of staying in a flat - it’s just the one with by far the worst sound insulation out of all the many I’ve stayed or lived in, including the one I normally live in now where next door’s kids wake my boyfriend up every morning (but not me). Yes it has occurred to me that they can hear us too.