Midweek Champions League Football Thread


Come on lads! CSKA - Bayer’s already kicked off!

Aurier’s been barred from coming into the country for PSG - Arsenal. Spurs can complete their spursy champions league group stage tonight, Leicester can top their group



Serbian football:

(Note, can’t be arsed to see if this has been posted in another football thread, bite me).


Will definitely be funniest if Leverkusen win comfortably, and spurs beat monaco then fuck up against CSKA on next time out


I’m pretending to watch Sevilla vs Juventus


On paper the best fixture, but both have basically qualified so IDK


Goals show & Monaco - Spurs are the only two viable options


that leicester goal!


Legia Warsaw are falling apart. Their goal was lovely though tbf


ha! 3-2 now, drew 3-3 with Real in their last game too. GBoL


I knew I should have been watching Dortmund vs Legia!


12 goals in their last 120 champos league minutes


Rafa at Newcastle is just a really lovely thing.






5-2 in Dortmund?




Are you getting behind the goals show/football weekly pronunciation of CSKA Moscow?

  • yup, called them ‘sesska’ for ages
  • used to call them C-S-K-A, but I’ve changed out of deference to their higher knowledge
  • get fucked, I’ve always spelt it out, always will
  • what on earth are you on about?

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used to spell it out, undecided as to what to do now


i say Центральный Спортивный Клуб Армии myself