Midweek Champos footy


4 pretty tasty games then.
Might double screen tonight’s , dortmund - Monaco might get very silly indeed.
Any tabloids made any jokes about the unexpected return of Jesus on easter weekend?


Some of the #lads from work caught on camera looking miserable about Arsenal last night and it’s definitely not funny in the slightest #WorkplaceBants



Oh Predos

Juve 1-1 Barca
Dortmund 3-2 Moncaco
Atletico 3-1 Leicester
Bayern 3-1 Real


Juve 1-0 Barca
Dortmunt 0-0 Monaco
Atletico 2-0 Leicester
Bayern 1-1 Real


If Dortmund - Monaco is goalless I will pay actual human money for Football Manager


Don’t do that man, I can PM you a reliable torrent.


Was just a joke anyway. Why the fuck would I, a grown up human man, derive pleasure from spending hours pretending to manage a football team. Pathetic



Juve 3-1 Barca
Dortmund 2-2 Moncaco
Atletico 4-1 Leicester
Bayern 1-1 Real


this post is very naughty


You’re in for it now, fucko!


snitches get stitches





that guy’s neck is unreal.


(For all the lightheartedness and fun it’s a very real issue)


You laugh, but with 3D printers this is now a real thing


Completely agree chief, I have never torrented FM nor will I ever, Your Honour.

You got any provisions/in-game bugs in place to try and stop crims from doing this Ant?


I tend to only illegally download entertaining games