Midweek Champos footy

The speech seemed to do the trick - they won 8-3!

I might have the same initials as Jesus Christ Superstar, but don’t call me Jesus.

(I stopped posting about Tonbridge on here because someone got arsey with me on the old forums for talking about non-oilball football.)

Awesome! :smiley: And glad you like Longmead. I’ve not been to your ground yet, but if I move to London over the summer I’d be looking forward to visiting all the Ryman grounds in and around the city. (Only done Enfield, Dulwich and Carshalton so far around London.) Always amazed by the thought of people walking from the station to our ground actually; I’ve never done it! I always go to games with my dad and he drives us.

Completely agree with your sentiments about Riccay. I remember thinking it was obscene that Ebbsfleet had a £100k transfer budget and £8k weekly wage bill a few seasons ago in the Conference South. God only knows how much Tampon has spent so far or will spend over the summer on Riccay!

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Why have extra players in YPotY when some are in the regular PoTY?

What I mean is Alli has no chance as a YPotY because Kane and Lukaku are in that category but are also deemed good enough to be in PotY?

Any thoughts on the Man U lineup?


no, but I have placed a considerable amount of money on them winning tonight’s tie, as per tradition.

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Should change it to a breakthrough player of the year or something. Rooney was nominated for young player like 6 years on the bounce wasn’t he?

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Rename it ‘new rashford’ ?

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In principle I tend to agree with this, as long as it was still restricted to young players (otherwise Vardy would probably have won it last year).

what’s going on?

No, but Anderlecht’s is the most wonderful series of names I’ve seen in a while.


You could make a shit fantasy team name pun from any of their names

I’ll kill myself if Boeckx doesn’t get a chance to shine.


what’s going on in Lyon then?

Surely UEFA have gotta disqualify Besiktas if their fans are lobbing flares into the home supporters’ section?

Or closed doors second leg or something

oh that’s in lyon? i was very confused seeing fans on the pitch when i switched on the united match

When City won their first title in nearly half a century in the 93rd minute of the last game of the season to deny their historically dominant rivals Kyle Walker got voted Young Player of the Year over Sergio Aguero.

…and that’s why these awards don’t men anything.

Was 10/1 on a Utd, Ajax and Lyon treble. Seemed quite good value

anderlecht’s kit is more purple than blue, right?