Midweek EFL Cup Football thread


Liverpool - Spurs tonight
West Ham - Chelsea and the Manc derby tomorrow.
Watford under investigation for forging bank documents


Can’t see beyond a comfortable Liverpool victory tonight


Can we get rid of the EFL and just have the FA cup? Why do we have both, what does it achieve?*

*From a fan of a club in the relegation places, with a small squad, multiple starting players injured, multiple other players playing out of position.


Another Man Utd fan on here! fucking hell


Has there ever been a less important Manchester derby, excluding friendlies and Charity Shields, etc? Litterally can’t even be arsed watching it. Off to New Mills v Congleton Town instead. Almost happy to let them win to not use up our fair share of derby wins. In a sense, whoever goes through loses.


You’re entirely right, but that won’t stop the masses of CRISIS articles aimed at whichever manager loses. If I was Pep I’d play a team of reserves.

Gives everyone a rest
League cup doesn’t matter
Good way to deflect negative press if you lose
Ultimate shabs if you win


VERY IMPORTANT POLL - best name/ sponsor for the league cup:

  • Milk Cup
  • Coca Cola Cup
  • Worthington Cup
  • Carling Cup
  • Capital One Cup
  • EFL Cup (no sponsor)
  • One of the other ones

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Also feels inevitable we’re going to get half a dozen of these games a season for The Narrative. Already had a rained off game in China, a league game, tomorrow, an FA Cup game probably, the return league tie. Could even meet in the Europa if we don’t beat Celtic.


This may shock everyone, but apparently some Footballers get a little help with their twitter accounts.


The fact that it’s Moyes’s Sunderland makes it so perfect.


Maybe Moyes is also their Twitter PR man?


Everything I thought I knew was a lie.


Hard at work in the social media bunker.


Dreading the derby tomorrow. Our first team getting dicked by citys reserves will be horrendous
Ian Nacho’s hatty incoming


Would have definitely rather we had gone out to Northampton than have the indignity of playing this fixture




EFL m8. As buggy says, whoever wins is the real loser


Nah man, like the EFL cup, big match tomorrow IMO for both sides


As asspeg says, we could do with laughing this fixture off. Worst case scenario is we turn up with the A team, spend 90 minutes not breaking the door down and then some chump like Lingard sticks one away in the 115th, which in our current run of form is imminently feasible.

Much prefer we turn the rezzies out and get kicked out of this competition 2-0. Let Mourinho have his muggy corner-turn.