Midweek evening pintski and food London - Thurs 27th Jan

With added darts for those who wish to play :dart:


  • In
  • Out (I hate DiSers, drinks and darts)
  • Out (I’m not LME)

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When bounce u free huns x

  • Fri 5 November
  • Sat 6 November
  • Fri 12 November
  • Sat 13 November
  • Fri 19 November
  • Sat 20 November
  • Fri 26 November
  • Sat 27 November
  • Fri 3 December
  • Sat 4 December
  • Fri 10 December
  • Sat 11 December
  • Fri 17 December
  • Sat 18 December
  • Fri 7 January
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  • Fri 21 January
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I don’t know where has darts and drinks in London apart from Flight Club. actual Londoners can suggest some places.

The Horseshoe on Clerkenwell Close is well-known for its excellent darts setup. Not open on a Saturday though.

I’ll do my best to come if it’s on the 13th Nov. No other dates will work for me

I expect that the whole pandemic situation won’t have changed sufficiently for me to feel safe going out to indoor places by the end of Jan, so I’m probably out for this one, but I like the idea of a darts meet and am well up for doing something like this when circumstances allow

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I think you should have it on 13th November, with a live video link to the Brighton Meat happening the same day


Would be very handy on a day when I’m in the office.

The downside is there is a very high chance all of my colleagues will be there.

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‘Why do your friends refer to you as Hip Young Gunslinger?’


My awkwardness around real names is why I wouldn’t go to a meat. You meet this man and you’re like, oh yeah, he’s hip, he’s young, he’s slinging guns. It just makes sense, you know? But in the real world, you gotta use the government names. It ain’t right.


i do sincerely believe that everyone at DiS meats should wear a name tag with their username and real name on it. i’ve met loads of people but i don’t know half the usernames :sob:


Eric’s not even his name.

This castle is built on sand.


Think it’s easier because of the selfie threads , not sure how people managed before that

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everyone always knows who I am and I only pop in to the selfie threads now and then

but meeting DiSers is one of my favourite things

also I have a dartboard in my bedroom


I already have several.

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If there is a daytime thing then the baby and I might


I’m down Nov 5 and 6th but with M, definitely can’t do 12/13 weekend but otherwise if you guys arrange a date I will try my very best to gatecrash it

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I’m going to finay do it*

I’m booked up until the last weekend of November


Any more for any more?

I’ll have to see nearer the time, but if it’s a Saturday I’ll try and combine it with seeing some other pals.

there’s also a Scottish meat going down in November too

the gang(s) are getting back together!


Tentative yes from me even though my posting has fallen off a cliff lately (I’m really feeling burnout when it comes to screens and doing stuff online) but I’d like to come :relaxed: