Midweek evening pintski and food London - Thurs 27th Jan

Can we just go for dinner first and then take it from there?


Hmm 4th is most popular but just realised the TV is on holiday that week so l’ll need to crash with someone else but don’t think it’ll be a problem :blush:

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4th December it is!

Any darts/pub venues in London that are open on a Saturday @aboynamedgoo ?

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That’s one I can’t go to :frowning:

Oh well I still have the Brighton meat

It’s tricky as several places that may have been suitable have closed down or have been converted into gastro pubs.

I’m not a fan of the Flight Club chain as they are expensive, soulless and likely to be full of lads on a day out on a Saturday in December.

Just went on a reconnaissance walk and three nearby pubs have a dartboard and are open on Saturday: the Lord Raglan (near St Paul’s tube), the Rising Sun (between Barbican and Farringdon tube station) and the Two Brewers (between Barbican and Old St tube station). The Rising Sun has the nicest decor, the Two Brewers has the better drinks selection and the only thing the Lord Raglan has going for it is that it also has two pool tables. Given their location the Lord Raglan and the Rising Sun won’t be busy, but the Two Brewers is the home pub for Barbican musicians and can get crowded early on a Saturday evening, and given the size of the pub, playing darts may become a challenge.

I’m happy to pop into any of these pubs to ask if we can reserve the dartboard and a seating area.


You’re a star Hoogy. the Rising Sun sounds like a good option, could you enquire with them please?

What time do you think we would like to start?

Good question. I can’t think what time meats normally start… 7?

Does the pub do food?

Looking at previous bookings I made, the last DiS Meat I organised (21 December 2018) our reservation was for 6:30 PM, but that was on a Friday.

Kitchen is only open 12 PM till 4 PM.

No problem. 7 or 7.30 probably works best then so people can get some food beforehand.

I’ll go tomorrow lunchtime and ask for 7 PM / 12 people and see what they say…

To be continued …

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I may well come to this. I’ve nothing planned that day and the last (only) DiS meet I went to was lovely.


The last London DiS meat, pre-lockdown began at 3pm, apparently, I think some people came and went through the day:


I’m going to Slough v Tonbridge during the day but people can organise a pre-meat if they’d like!


I got stuck at work yesterday and now I’m on holiday so this will have to wait until my return. Still ages away so shouldn’t be an issue.


I’m a maybe at the moment. It’s the day before my birthday, and not sure if I’m going to do anything for that yet.

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Woop woop next weekend :partying_face:

Unfortunately, I’ll be away on a work trip next week so unable to make it.

Do you still want me to ask the pub if we can book the area with the darts board?

Oh no :frowning: hope the work trip goes well.

Yes please, that would be fab - let me know how you get on x

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