Midweek Football: Championship Megaclash & Some melts messing about in Europe I guess

  • Cardiff
  • Leeds
  • Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos

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I’m going to have a hard time finding a pub showing this aren’t I

He didn’t follow a particular team but he was a fan of many top footballers.

One of Mbappe’s youth coaches, talking about him as a kid

I find that quite interesting, is it a sign that the way young people enjoy football is changing? Literally can’t imagine being a football fan and not following a particular team (even if i changed teams quite a bit before setting on the town i was born in as a teenager)

Would say this is probably still quite unusual here although if you’re French could understand it more because who wants to follow the French league ffs

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makes sense for an aspiring footballer to want to follow & learn from all the top footballers tbh - not rule anyone out or denigrate their skills due to club loyalty

good attitude to have

Massive mid-table clash at Brentford tonight :roll_eyes:

0-1 with Leeds’ stoical, heroical defence winning the day. Pierre-Michel Lasogga to nick one.

Nah Mendez-Laing is due a good cubing
2-1 Cardiff I reckon

Of course, we all know football will truly be the winner.

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Welsh social club?

Quickly remembered why I hate the championship so much. So many fucking games, all the same

I feel like Manchester City play every other day atm


It’ll be nil all.

Wolves top of the table tomorrow night once we blunt the Blades.

Great bunch of lads though


Got a 14-way home wins accy on tonight. Wish me luck. 6738/1


If I ever work out the bet365 app, I’d love to make this one of those ones where it starts to pay out from like 10 results up or whatever. (Why’s 14 the maximum in a multiple anyway?)

too many games in the Championship tbh, bored of it

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