Midweek Football Chat (Chat) (No Scottish Chat)



Liverpool continue their inexorable march to a spectacular spring meltdown by winning MERSEYSIDE MONDAY. What a game!

The Jonj banned for five games for being his usual thick fucking self.

Real Madrid get their transfer ban reduced. What a year it has been for Ronaldo and Ronaldo-affiliated products.

Would someone like to post the latest Squires so everyone can complain about it?


You appear to have forgotten about the 'match of the day’™

FA Cup Second Round Replay: Peterborough v Notts County


It’s not going to be any Watford Burnton, that’s for ruddy certain.


Glasgow derby tonight, as Scottish football tries to fit in as many games as possible before taking January off.




Slow news at the moment. Vardy loses his appeal against the ban. I feel daft because I’m in the minority that think it actually is a red card.

In Man United news they are about to sign Lindelof, which seems decent as a partnership with Bailly could be quite good for the future.

Payet continues to desperately try and get a move away, this time begging for Arsenal. Pretty irritating for West Ham fans I’m sure.


Burnley are re-signing Barton lol.


Its a christmas miracle


Last season he was really good, Dyche managed to get the best out of him. Not sure that’s going to work out a second time round though. Especially as he pretty much snubbed Burnley because for some reason he thought going to Rangers was a good idea?


Red for me too, mate


On balance I don’t think it was a red, but it wasn’t a complete shocker of a decision, and that what the rescinding rule should be for. So happy for it to stand


Also a large part of me does hope that Snodgrass fucking snaps Barton in half in return for the challenge that injured him for 16 months.


Bit quiet in here, isn’t it?

Here, have a Wolves programme


Could’ve at least tried to make the robins look fearsome. Thugs of the small domestic bird world.


Think the stick Arsenal have been getting is a bit much. They were away at City and lost to an offside goal and a goal that most of the time would be given offside - its not like Benjani scored a hat-trick against them or something like that.


Nothing in here about the manager of a championship club turning down the chance to manage last seasons Champions League quarter finalists?


Klopp says they’re the best team in Yorkshire and that’s good enough for us.



Woah. Argyle v Liverpool in the next FA Cup round.