Midweek football (starring QARABAG)


Cardiff are made up now? Did we all imagine them? Good to know but what a dark period in our collective lives


Leaving the ground on crutches after a hamstring injury isn’t promising.

Don’t think Matic-Herrera would be a disaster unless Herrera plays as shit as he did vs Stoke


Seen this a fair bit with really minor injuries recently. Not calling it for sure, but might just be best for the injury not to put weight on it immediately


Zlatan will be back in a couple of weeks though eh?


How’s he in centre mid?


Great slide rule pass, can read the game, good at free kicks & long range shots

Not sure about his box-to-box capabilities


He’s fucking brilliant, obviously.


Where does this fall on the “VIIIIIIIIINNNNEEEEE!!!” scale?

  • Total shite
  • Redeemed slightly because it’s Simpsons
  • Incredible scenes!

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What’s everyone watching?

  • Liverpool - Sevilla
  • NK Maribor - (So Near So) Spartak Moscow
  • Feyenoord - Manchester City
  • Shaktar Donetsk - Napoli
  • Porto - Besiktas
  • RB Leipzig - Monaco
  • Real - Apoel Nicosia
  • Spuds - Dortmond

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Popular thing combined with other popular thing, and that’s the joke, is 100% grounds for firing into the sun.


None for me tonight.


Whaaaa? What’re you on with m_w_t?


pub then off to a mates to have a go of his PSVR :nerd_face: / :sunglasses:
then off for something to eat with the TV :+1:


A smashing evening there.


More apt at the moment


Have decided to go down to the l̶a̶n̶e̶ Wembley. Don’t know why, Tormund are gonna trounce us.


Goals Show, with Judas and friends.


AC Judas?


Liverpool vs Sevilla will be best surely? Spurs can’t score at Wembley so could be a drab affair. On the other hand, could get thwacked which would be amusing


Will be flicking between the 2 I reckon but I love that Dortmund team.