Midweek football (starring QARABAG)


Perennial underdogs City taking on the best Dutch side since Ajax 1971-1973 for me Clive


i am looking forward to it, actually think Spurs will do them, 3-0 maybe?

got a chicken in the fridge ready to roast and gonna have some cauliflower cheese too. top evening in store.


Feyenoord are 8/1, at home.

Just sayin’.


Maybe away from Fortress Kuip we’d make it a contest, but City don’t stand a chance tonight.


Can we have a “I’ll probably flick between all the games, and end up watching one of them from a weird angle camera out of boredom” option?


“angle camera”


Spurs are at Wembley, actually


AVB’s wig well and truly gone


Not only that, the comments suggest the guy stole it from a Simpsons page post by someone else without crediting


This one I found funny because it’s the logical spelling of that name and a slightly more obscure reference. The rest can seriously get tae fuck though


This sounds like it’s going to be really gutting.


1 home defeat in 28 for the Champions of Holland.



Feyenoord v Man City is on BT Sport’s freeview channel tonight.


I’ve already banged on about that site elsewhere in this thread but I absolutely love their Portrait of an Icon series.


Who’s going to win tonight’s glamour tie then

  • Tigers
  • Cottagers
  • Eh?
  • Bore off

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0-3 then


Fernandinho at CB!

Feyenoord 5-0 City


Aw no Graham :frowning:


Not a decent team in the whole list mate!!


Asensio out with infected pimple from shaving his legs…