Midweek football (starring QARABAG)


that’s the thing about the smaller clubs - got more to prove, don’t they? probably better football on balance tbh.


another 12 and city probably safe




enjoying imagining what’s at playWSOP dot com


fucking hell, this spurs match redeeming my decision to watch




Dortmund’s keeper isn’t very good is he


glad i ignored my own advice and put the spuds game on. what a dinger


wrong place
this post was a lie anyway. got no imagination


I love Kane more than most members of my family (extended not proper)


Ordered 2 copies today. One as a present for a mate. One for myself. I gather it’s a pretty limited run so if you’re interested you might want to get involved sooner rather than later.


has Kane got nasal issues? He’s always got his mouth open and always sounds like he’s got a massive cold.

coke habit?


mis-hit cross from Kane imo


gotta be good for the clown league coefficient, this


this is the worst dutch performance since steve mclaren gave that interview


you clearly haven’t been watching the oranje over the past 4 or so years.


Can’t see past Feyenoord from here


I don’t like the font spurs have got for their shirt numbers


thoughts are with the big lad right now. instant noodles until the end of the month…


Hopefully this will kick UEFA into check and finally give City the easy group they deserve!