Midweek football (starring QARABAG)


Obligatory “he’ll fit right in at Anfield then” comment


what were the odds on a johnny stones hat-trick tonight?


John ‘Bones’ Stones


reassuring (for me at least) to see that the Spanish drug package is finally kicking in. Stones is off his tits.


8 pts from 7 games would be woeful given your squad, definitely need this win
I also dislike Hull so would like a neutral win for the Neutrals please


Bloody hell, Fabien Delph in a City shirt. Never expected to see that again.


this is our 7th game, but yes. Only lost one, on the bright(ish) side


Did you see It? Scenes.


we’re winning 2-1 now!


ha ha I did an edit you slow handed div


rubbing delph in the wounds


Nah, watching City showing up Dutch football.


He kept throwing the ball away. Ridiculous.


really not a fan of this dortmund kit. why ruin a classic?!


and there it is ffs


when messi got booked last night for waving an imaginary card, i was really hoping all refs might start doing it. really winds me up.


love that sevilla goal


Serge Aurier looks like the signing of the season tbh. Even over Zappacosta if you can believe that.


I said all of last year he might be better than Trippier, who is in turn better than Kyle Walker


Hargreaves has referred to Aurier as a 'great addition at least 4 times tonight