Midweek football (starring QARABAG)

  1. says right at the top.


dont get me wrong, i love a bit of anti-bants from all sides, but i like how it specifically mentions a title challenge collapsing when utd havnt been in one for years either

edit- sorry @tricklenipple, if it was a decade ago then it makes sense


John ‘Johnny’ Bloody Stones.


Inasmuch as he’s a similar sort of player, and I think we only bought him so no-one else could squid him up. Where Dave is cool and clinical though he has quickness and a joie de vivre about him which just makes him great to watch.



The big club have a much smaller budget in the Feyenoord game


i find it very upsetting that la liga dont share more of their TV rights deals with the cypriot top division teams tbh


Kyle Walker’s a bloody player y’know.




Liverpool having four times the budget of Sevilla is pretty funny


*serge aurier


dortmund having more than spurs is actually surprising given how prevalent the PL money controlling europe trope is at the moment


Dortmund are the second biggest team as opposed being the… ooft here we go… 6th… biggest… team ducks and covers


just thought it was a bit funny he was making a big thing about the gap between madrid and apoel’s wage bill, but presumably that will have stayed pretty much the same for basically the last 60 years or so


Don’t think any of the current promotion/playoff spots are occupied by any of the ridiculous spenders atm tbh. Maybe Wolves. But the likes of Boro and Wagons spend silly money and are still shocking.


I don’t think he was making a big deal, simply starting that it’s the biggest difference


Yeah at least our “revolution” was cheap




Oh sorry, my point is Dortmund have a bigger share of profits in the league and bigger stadium, some cup wins consistently champions league appearances etc. There’s not a lot between them though


sorry, i promise to never be sarcastic about a twitter graph again