Midweek football (starring QARABAG)


Ok then


seems like a GBOL doesn’t he


I just woke from a lovely dream where I won £27,000 from my £1 bet365 accumulator on the eight Champo League games last night. Not actually going to check any results, and just live in this bliss for a little while longer. Beers are on me.


I know he’s got a philosophy and stuff but Klopp’s outright refusal to build a defence is pretty negligent isn’t it


I’ll be honest, Ant, I’m disappointed in the turnout for this one, but you were the one person who DID turn-up, and I thank you for your support and entry to the quiz of quizzes. Alas, you were so close but didn’t quite nudge it over the line. Of all the guesses, yours was the Paul Gascoigne sliding in at the back post against Germany in Euro '96. It probably was Marc Albrighton. See you tomorrow later today!


FFS I haven’t won £27,000.


only spent £2m in summer m8

maybe £3.5 actually, forgot about El Mohamady


Those wage bills are quite embarrassing


Completely unrelated, but I ACTUALLY saw Tony Pulis yesterday at Sicilian Avenue saying goodbye to a man called Mark.


Oh FFS, I’ll just throw this early draft in the bin shall I?

Thanks for playing!


If the rules of football changed so you were ranked in the league table according to how many goals you scored and nothing else (so a 4-4 was better than a 3-0)… what would change about the game?

Other than basically destroying it completely


Alan Pardew would be a great manager.


Goalkeepers sent up for every corner


that would lead to a load of long distance efforts no? you’d need some defence


I’m off to the Olympiastadion this evening to watch Hertha vs Bilbao. Still a bit gutted Köln got Arsenal but Bilbao should be a tasty nummer all the same


Following our first defeat of the season, Huddersfield Town have made some drastic changes. Leicester City better be wary on Saturday, we now have an official falconer.


Afternoon lads, blokes, mates, gents, chaps, cockers, king tippers, GBOLs. I’ve just made myself beans on toast, and found our butter has been replaced by some cheap knockoff shit in our most recent Ocado order. Tastes like shite. Beans on toast is a proper good lunch though, had a bloody mary for breakfast cos why not? I’m stuck in waiting for a plumber, who may arrive anytime between 12-4 pm today. I want to go out at half 1 so of course the twat hasn’t turned up yet. I’d be a Real Man and fix it myself but alas I’m a clueless poofter who is limited to lightbulb changing. WHICH GOT ME THINKING about that time that a Premier League footballer blew the bulb in his kitchen strip lights, then bought the wrong replacement one from B&Q at the weekend and got it right in the neck from his missus cos he had to go back and swap it and the work experience lad on the till got all confused with refunds, what a palava! But I don’t need to tell you all about that cos you already know who it wasn’t don’t you! :question: :grey_question: :question: :grey_question: :question: :grey_question: :question: :grey_question: :question: :grey_question: :question: :grey_question: :question: :grey_question: :question: :grey_question:


Right then. Let’s put some thought into this.

I’m suspecting this isn’t a marquee name, as no marquee named footballer would make the trip to B&Q by himself. For some reason, I’m really getting a Swansea City vibe off this one. And I think the player that most fits the bill is none other than Leon Britton.


Aye, got to be Britton hasn’t it really.


Joe Allen