Midweek football (starring QARABAG)


I hadn’t realised he was at Preston now.

Good for him.




Tough night. Can’t remember seeing any side pass the ball that well at Celtic Park, even when Barca came and dominated they weren’t playing like PSG did tonight.


in terms of actual watching & excitement the champions league is the most boring competition in the world* really isnt it?

I mean i’d literally rather watch highlights of league 2 with Manish than another 5-0 PSG, or 3-0 barcelona, or 4-0 man u or whatever it is vs qarabag or celtic or spurs every week.

*(the spl doesn’t count)


it’s pretty rubs until the quarters

or if arsenal aren’t in it so you can’t laugh at them


TWO Tyrone Mings you say?!


dunno what you mean, SPL’s fucking hilarious pal


I agree, will be funny when he gets them into the playoffs over Norwich


Oh yeah, can’t move for 4-0 CL wins for Man Utd these days


Celtic need to #LEARNFOOTBALL


He was a regular in our first team at 16. So he’s been around for 10 years.



If you would have said to me before the game, would I take 6-0, I would have snapped your hand off.


I’m frightened at the amount of people that think Zappacosta was going for a cross…

Alonso has been going for a cross about 10 times since he joined us. Still can’t get it right.


just wanna say that I loved Cavani’s header


Just heard a rumour that Spurs will be at Wembley for another season after this.


Pogba out til Christmas probably




Well I hope you’re all happy now. Leeds are on top.


That will be funny!

Nb. We’re looking like a really good team this year, and people are going to continue to underestimate us because we’re “only Preston”. Long may it continue.