Midweek football (starring QARABAG)


It’s been said here before, but the South American qualifiers are bloody brilliant. Couple of great matches on paper every round, couple of upsets every round, crazy refs, awful pitches.


CONMEBOL quals > pretty much all the other high profile competitions.


City obviously need to start paying UEFA as much as United and Chelsea to get these walkover groups.


Man if you two are still top when you play each other it’s just gonna be a huge scrap innit


An absolute pumping at least we had this



Did I say funny I meant AWFUL

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  • Qarabag

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fallen down a qarabag wiki hole -they are from a town with a population of 0


Based in Baku since 1993 after the town was wiped out :scream:


some VERY angry Mancs in here. Wigs slipping off early this season!


Leipzig are hosting a UCL match tonight :flushed:


First trip of the season to Elland Road for me last night. Wasn’t entirely fluid, a little nervey, but showed an edge and another way to win. Birmingham looked surprisingly decent tbh.

We’ve still not conceded a goal with Pontus Jansson on the pitch. 6 straight games.

I bloody love this team and coach and chairman. 31,000 on a Tuesday night. It’s all actually happening


Imagine if one of us had absolutely shat ourselves at home to Burnley in the first game of the season, or something. It’d be Hurricane Hirsute


It’s a big 'un!


Fellaini’s time to shine!

Doubt Pogba will be out for that long fwiw


Good read this. (Fao: @profk )




Was quite tempted to go along to Millwall/Leeds to shout at Leeds fans, but then I realised it’s probably the single worst meeting of fans in world football.


Unless you managed to get your lot’s firm to come too, of course


we can’t all support made up teams m12!