Midweek Football Thread: Sin Bins, and the Ideas of Marco van Basten


Having given this absolutely no thought whatsoever, I’d say it’s a good idea - although in practice referees will probably be idiots about when they use it.

As with all new ideas, it should be trialled in the league cup. What about the other ideas of Marco? A limit on the number of games a player can play in a season? Stopping the clock when the ball is out of play?




Sounds like Marco’s been spending a bit too much time relaxing in the ol’ Amsterdam coffee houses to me.


You’d (genuinely) have to reduce games to 30mins each way for this to work.

Think with sin-bins it shouldn’t be all yellow cards, but a discretionary additional punishment for particularly cynical stuff


Can’t see any potential complaints about consistency here…


Think the guy just wants to feel useful. Doing nothing but picking up brown envelopes all the time at fifa must grind a man down after a while.


don’t worry mate, Manchester United Football Club will of course be exempt


Just like with ‘being awarded penalties’ hooray! :wink: :wink: :wink:


The article isn’t too clear about the specifics of this. Are they replacing yellow card with sin bins, or just for “minor” yellow card offences or…? Also what happens if the goalie is in the sin bin?

I’m interested by the idea in principle, even though I’m not sure what that principle is. Could be a good thing to use when players dive. I wonder if psychologically, it’s something referees would use when they aren’t sure about a decision because they know the consequences are less severe?


I’d be very much for the halfway line penners, tbh. Some great potential comedy there when shootouts come down to bulky centre-halves.


Sin bins are way too disruptive I think, as the impact of losing a man is too great. Last night in the Oxford vs Bradford Checkaturd Trophy we scored both our goals in the few minutes while Bradford had a player being treated. Appreciate it would be ultimately the player’s fault he was in the sin bin, it could get a bit silly.


Just leave football as it is. It’s fine.


Sin bins, stopped clocks and only the captains can speak to the ref. It just sounds like Van Basten has watched a game of rugby.

I don’t think sin bins would work in football though as you will just get a boring 10 mins as the team sits back and waste time until they are back to 11.


have thought for a while that 2 5 minute timeouts per team over the course of a game would be a great idea. Setting up set pieces, set plays, that kind of thing. idk.


Nothing worse than players who dance when they celebrate


A manager? Waits for Pardew gif



Genuinely gets more horrendous every time I watch it.


The FA Cup televised games.

Saturday 18 February: Burnley v Lincoln City - 12.30, BT Sport; Wolves v Chelsea - 17.30, BT Sport
Sunday 19 February: Fulham v Tottenham - 14.00, BBC One; Blackburn Rovers v Manchester United - 16.15, BT Sport (followed by sixth-round draw)
Monday 20 February: Sutton United v Arsenal - 19:55, BBC One


One would struggle to make it up!!!