Midweek Football Thread - Ten Pounds of Wigs In a Five Pound Bag



Hibs v Hearts tonight.

A pretty grim Saturday bar a couple of formerly grand rivalries as Liverpool feebily surrender at Old Trafford, and Villa host Wolves.

Sunday includes Forest v Derby, Wrexham v Chester, Celtic v Rangers, and an understandably emotive weekend in Serie A.



truly the worst derby in spacetime


Wouldn’t mind us letting the Wagons roll over us if it means them finishing in 2nd rather than Cardiff tbh. In any case, we have had a habit in recent weeks of letting the chasing pack take points off us just to keep things interesting down there.


Probably the most hostile game in British football, eh, ahead of Blackburn v Burnley or even Celtic v Rangers.

Heard some horrible tales.


Someone will lose points and that’s really all that matters


Girona Depor on tonight, lads!


I’m a little bit worried about Sunday…


I’m with Pep on this one, Monday night is shit for footy. Might as well write the weekend off now.


who’s he


why I oughtta!


Imagine you had a job where you could be fined 20 grand every week for the next three years, and it’d rightly be described as an absolute joke.


Get yer £1 accas out then, lads/lasses…


for some reason I thought Man Utd v Liverpool was on tonight, and was quite up for that. but it’s not, and now I have to watch Masterchef instead. disappointing.

p.s. the real best derby/rivalry/whatever this weekend is Millwall v Brentford :lion::honeybee:


Tooting & Mitcham are putting Dulwich Hamlet up until the end of the season. Nice.


Pogba is out tomorrow I’m hearing


The mighty Motherwell vs Hamilton tomorrow. The only real derby in Scotland.


Massive blow for Liverpool if true.


Good goal for Hibs there


And another


Trump Turnberry on the advertising boards :face_vomiting: