Midweek Football Thread - Ten Pounds of Wigs In a Five Pound Bag



Good short read tho, bet loads of players go through this pre-match/performance anxiety


Sorry for the mail link but I should’ve sold this :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:







Is he a relative of yours?



New thread for tonight onwards?

Can’t watch the match tonight. Don’t expect I’ll miss anything.


Cheeky get :joy::joy::joy:

He’s a relative of an ex Man Utd player. Will be fun when that gets out


Let’s play guess the ex Man Utd player!!!

I’m going with Fabien Barthez


Barry Barthez, from rusholme


His location and surname is surely a giveaway?
Or i’ve read too much into it and he’s Kleberson’s cousin?


It’s not mark Hughes

Don’t even consider him ex United tbh. Absolute bitter wanker of a man


You’re not left with many ex united players tbh if that’s your criteria


That’s no way to talk about a Knight of the Realm, young man.


Apologies Sir Bugduv


How far down are uniteds pants going to be pulled down tonight?

  • Ankles
  • Knees
  • Secured snugly at waist

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If the good Sevilla show up I can see them exploiting Man Utd’s midfield and getting a very funny score draw

Fully expect the absolute shambles version though. Have a tendency to capitulate


Agree, Brentford v Cardiff is well worth a new thread


I actually think we’ll turn up tonight. 3-1 or something.

however, my capacity for delusional hope should not be underestimated.


Fellaini starts if anyone wants to change their vote


Kompany is such a great guy