Midweek Football Thread - Ten Pounds of Wigs In a Five Pound Bag



Less empty seats × plays for city =“great guy”


hates scousers x goz victim = “supports untied”


is this the jordan peterson thread


Yes…he will know that his comment could be seen as a slight against city


Haha…that but did make me since a little…but it’s football so I let it pass


I quite enjoy the empty seats debate now that it’s the only thing opposition fans have left. They used to beat us regularly, and have better managers and players and win more trophies.

I’ve been trying to write something about this recently. I wonder if grounds not being full might be the start of a bit of a bust in the Premier League. The patterns are different at each club as well - United can’t give season tickets away, but match tickets for prime games are like rocking horse shite. City have a huge season ticket waiting list but lots buy and then don’t go.


I’ve had a (rare) big bet tonight. £1500 to win £800 on United to qualify. Should be safe enough.


There’s loads more, mate. Trust me. Just gets boring every week. :wink:


Don’t think city have become massive massive racists yet


We are going out at this rate.


christ this is fucking dull


Tempted to put the Daewoo on 1-1


Lukaku is looking hungry tonight. Just a shame Sanchez is clogging up Rashford’s best position…


Fulham are shit.


Actually the 4th best team in the country


Inter cities fairs trophy RUNNERS UP


lets not do this, I tend to get quite unpleasant


Raincheck until 7:45 tomorrow? For today we are all sevilla mates


we are all amigos.


Pile of fucking old shit this