Midweek Football Thread - Ten Pounds of Wigs In a Five Pound Bag



:toilet: :toilet: :toilet:


Full back pinging it to Fellaini at the back post on a human face forever


Man Utd playing like this at Old Trafford in a Champions League knockout. #ooooooft

Even Atletico put five last these


This Vazquez lad’s the worst player i’ve ever seen.

And i saw Kakhabar Tshkhadadze.


Jose using it as a useful warm up for the derby.

Wonder if they’ve practiced sharpening Fellaini’s elbows for tonight too?


more like nZzzonzi amiright


I’d have gone with Barry Conlon myself.


doesn’t seem to be much to be gained from watching this


Used to love watching Fergie era champions league matches. Probably my favourite games to watch.

This is utterly grotesque.


This is identical to United vs. Porto in 2004


Anyone else watching the waxtap game?


A bit bemused as to how Lindgard hasn’t been booked there.


Wagons? Wig gones!


Nah we bossed that game.


So what minute do we reckon Fellaini faces in a corner? 85th?


Is mchogmanay playing?


sevilla fans paid £89 for this


Stuck in Manchester too.

God save their souls


three quid in 42s tonight though innit


they’ll probably say the result on the news anyway