Midweek Football Thread - Ten Pounds of Wigs In a Five Pound Bag






What’s n’zonzi doing


This hasn’t been a very Mourinho ten minutes or so




Quite glad I tuned into this around the 70th minute


Was mata patched too?


Wonder what Big J will have to say about all this.


Enjoying Sevilla utilising the Mourinho greatest hits to run down the clock here


Think he supports Lincoln


it really is like that porto - utd game after all


what’s pogba actually doing?


I’m still not entirely sure what a Paul Pogba is


I’d have finished that one on one there


I’m not sure I’d class some people talking utter rubbish, and other people laughing at them for it, as an intense argument. It would be like calling Liverpool fan’s saying that next year will be their year controversial.


No idea how they’ve not put 5 past this shower




Never a more deserved exit from europe than this. At least the last 20 mins were entertaining eh?


I think you may just have had your question answered.


Are united time wasting?!?