Midweek Football Thread - Ten Pounds of Wigs In a Five Pound Bag



What are the odds on Brighton winning at the weekend?


Good to focus on the league now


sanchez should be released into a paddock


Needed a Vincenzo Montella aeroplane arm touchline run at the whistle really


Table position don’t lie


Another week on the tinned beans for the big man


Chelsea are gonna get tanked tomorrow as well

the coefficient is in TATTERS


Well at least it wasn’t fucking away goals again…


Rio and Scholesy should be good entertainment here.


don’t worry, wenger’s got the europa in the bag at least


don’t worry about the coefficient lads, not your problem yeah



Should’ve been about 1-9 on aggregate really.



Genuinely cannot believe what I’ve just seen. Had we even played to 60% of our standard for like 20 minutes over the two ties we’d have strolled through. Utter shite.


Just terrible game management from the manager really wasn’t it. Any of the other superclubs would be sacking him for that…


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Sevilla had 45 chances over the two games.




Spent the last two hours rescuing a kitten from a tree, what did I miss?