Midweek Football Thread - Ten Pounds of Wigs In a Five Pound Bag




Haha haha lol that’s so man unitedy


Don’t think I’m gonna stop laughing.

Genuinely can’t think of a high profile manager shiting themselves so badly. A humiliation and entirely his fault




Bayern 7-0 Barca


massive mourinho apologist, but he’s completely done himself there


Post-pep never mind


Really hope some of sevillas unequivocally world class world Cup winning players, the equivalents of let’s say eg buffon and chiellini - hope they come out in the press tomorrow and talk about how naive the opposition were.


Barcelona 5 Real 0 would probably have been a more relevant example.


Yup. Think he’s been good largely (despite being an enormous dickhead) but that was one of the most bizarrely misjudged approaches to a tie I can think of. It’s like he just assumed they were great and somehow continued to think that despite all the evidence to the contrary over the two legs.


Not very bants and not the reason for the result but Vilanova returning from cancer treatment not really comparable.

Also that Bayern were stupendously good. This Sevilla is one of the worst teams still in the competition.


Think that was just the best club side ever handing out a pasting. Obvs mistakes were made but winning at the nou camp in that game would have been an incredible achievement. This sevilla side are mince


Yeah had forgotten it was after pep and clarified


one and the same thing. embrace and enjoy the shabs.

but yeah, shocking how he approached this tie. tactics were probably just ‘score, you figure things out on the pitch’.


No, he specifically set up to contain them, we did a fucking man-marking job on Ever Banega in the first leg, decent player but no way he should be someone you set up to nullify at the expense of your own strengths.


Best thing we could have done this evening would have been to turn around at kickoff and hoof in an own goal to force chasing the game.


nzonzi sounds fucking identical to Henry.


Good player, well weird that he was at Stoke.


eh…don’t think he’s very good, personally. good in la liga because he’s got a nice touch and can pass, but would be shite in many other leagues. don’t think he’s been capped by France either.


Are United fans disappointed with Sanchez at all? Seems like he’s been about as good as he was for us this season (i.e. not very)