Midweek Football Thread - Ten Pounds of Wigs In a Five Pound Bag



Give it Giggseh til the end of the season



Kik’s bookie arriving home to the family like



He’s been poor but had flashes of brilliance that give me reason to think he’ll be good once bedded in properly and settled. Poor start though, nqat.


Aye saw that. Not surprising really. Think all top (South American) players are probably similar, problem with Sanchez is that he goes through extended periods of continually fucking up your possessional play which must make it harder to take than from Messi or whatever.


believe he’s been barred from all of the bookies in chorlton on humanitarian grounds.


Definitely coming around to ol’ currently-living-in-a-trashcan’s thinking that we dodged a bullet there.


Always thought you were absolutely mad to be interested in him tbh

well maybe that’s overdoing it, but y’know…


wasn’t it pep who binned him in the first place?


Sanchez outlasted him at Barca, but don’t think Pep liked him due to his propensity to do whatever the fuck he wants.


begrudgingly accept we still need mourinho but simultaneously can’t wait til the point where we bin him off


Fucking lol


<3 mou <3


nothing about the result isn’t funny. Scholsey’s half time comments, Tone’s email, Mou’s post match comments. the result.


Is this real? Is he trying to get himself a massive pay out? Very very funny stuff


Oh my god


(I’ve not seen any other tweets from journos about it if it is real)



Pog playing piano


All the other quotes he’s tweeting seem legit