Midweek Football Thread - Ten Pounds of Wigs In a Five Pound Bag



Oliver Kay reporting it too


Of all the United shat-the-bed European performances, that’s probably my second favourite after Porto.

Can we list them?

Let’s list them.

Porto, Monaco, Bayern, Real twice at least…


Bilbao. Not the highest profile but the connoisseurs choice


That’s probably the most one-sided two-legged European tie i can remember.

Bilbao could have won by ten or twelve goals.


Shame muniain never kicked on. Him and De Marcos looked like #players




galatasaray was a real bad one. seemed to be regular one nil humblings by juve in those early champions league campaigns too


absolutely superb team at the time. definitely in my all time 5 la liga teams (of my lifetime). favourite thing about them was Toquero, who they’d bring on with 20-15 minutes left to go fucking mental.


  1. Depor (1996-2004)
  2. Barca (2008-12)
  3. Valencia (2000-2006)
  4. Athletic (2010-2014)
  5. Sevilla (2005-2008)


Really enjoyed turn of the millennium Barca, just wedging as many mercurial talents into a single side as possible



Was he the Lombardo lookalike who was built like a pencil?



yep. would just continuously run at people in the final third. brilliant.



massively corrupt barca <3

this goal too. remember watching this live at my grandparents and going nuts.


valencia: the claudio lopez years are probs my favourite


Those Bilbao performances genuinely changed my opinion of good football a bit. If memory serves they were having a really poor time of it in the league, but it was like watching a team from the future. They were so fucking quick and fit and the players seemed to completely interchange positions.


Always a massive reality check when a top English team gets a schooling from a supposedly ‘lesser’ foreign team. Chelsea, arsenal and city against Monaco over the years all fit the bill


pretty pish in the league because they obviously couldn’t sustain that level of athleticism for a season, but did the business in the cups. Still annoyed that Munain didn’t turn out as expected and also that they were ransacked of their best players (Javi Martinez, Llorente, Herrera and recently, Laporte). They’d have, for my money, one of the best teams in the league had they held on to everyone.