Midweek Football Thread - Ten Pounds of Wigs In a Five Pound Bag



It’s just fucking lovely, isn’t it? Like a royal death. Brings everyone together.



Yo @moderators just realised this screenshot has my email address and stuff in it, can one of y’all get rid please?

For the purposes of latter-day bants it was a screenshot of an email United sent before a humiliating Champions League exit that was presumptuously giving information about ticketing for the next round.


literally looks like a 7year old on the pitch pretending they’re Moussa Dembele :smiley:


Think it’s gone now.


Cheers pal x


for posterity, his email address is 69tone420boi@yahoo.co.uk






I’ll be dissppointed if one of you didn’t note the email addy and send him a crass cartoon of a big ejaculating willy.


honestly thought about it.


So will I :wink:


Forgot to say. That Lenglet fella. Fucking hell. Looked like Maldini. 22. I’d swap him for Laporte based on ninety bloody minutes. Incredible.


with good reason, it’s one thing pissing the premier league but that team was shite


He was impressive over the 2 legs but Sevilla have conceded 5 on 5 occasions this season, I read last night.

Do you not fancy Laporte from what you’ve seen so far? I like him. Bit weak on that second goal last week against Basel but nobody cared about that game.



Are we talking enough about last night?

Not sure.


Still really pissed off about it and sulking quite a lot for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing


Carragher suspended by Sky until end of the season “to get the help that he needs”

Presumably they’re going to wind his car window up.


Remember at half time when my greatest ever opponent said Sevilla didn’t have a goal in them


Keeping weekend threads rolling into weekdays is fucking stupid IMO.