Midweek Football Thread

Plenty of talking points in those Sunday games, eh?

Watched/followed three games - Curzon (TV), Eastleigh (Live), Bournemouth (Radio). AIN’T FOOTBALL GOOD?

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Good weekend of football.
Lovely loveliness from Alexis Sanchez
Amusing levels of wig loss from Liverpool & both Manchesters
Fulham pumping hipsters favourites Reading
Goals in the FA cup
All very good. Well done football

that rojo challenge was absolutely appalling. i bet they slap zlatan and fernandinho with bans but imho rojo should be sitting out until january for that.


We won but Pardew was a smug twat again. Pretty sure he is angling to be sacked with a payoff.

isn’t it covered by that (silly) rule that if the ref’s seen it they can’t be retroactively punished?

#Which tackle was worse?

  • Marcos Rojo on Idrissa Gueye
  • Sergio Aguero on David Luiz
  • Marco Boogers on Gary Neville

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Yeah that Rojo challenge was horrific, he’s actually been alright at CB lately but that was rash and dangerous, he definitely should have walked and got a three match ban


Still extremely fucking angry about Marouane cunting Fellaini. Think I actually punched a wall when it happened, haven’t been that angry about a game of football since the 4-1 against Liverpool years ago.


that thumbs up to Parish was so embarrassing

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I think i love pardew a little bit*

*NEVER EVER want to see him anywhere near my club though

Not too unhappy with ‘progress’ under Mou. Yes he continues to embarrass himself/us with his conduct, and tries to shut up shop - handing the initiative over when we are in front, but…

we do look more exciting in patches, and a higher proportion of our squad are playing nearer to their potential. I can see us having a good December.

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Results poor, performances good. I can live with that a lot more than results poor, performances poor/boring.


In fairness, I think if we had hung on and won that it would have been a lot less deserving a result than any of the previous 4 draws that deserved to be wins. We weren’t particularly great yesterday and did hand them the momentum by sitting back too much. Like you said though, I still don’t think they would have scored if it wasn’t for that fucking doofus.


Only Pardew can criticise our American owners saying they don’t know about football after losing 6 in a row.


Not the 2-2 vs Fulham? I remember watching that one thinking that if I were a United fan, I probably would just give up on football.

1 point above West Brom

That was more surreal than anything else tbh. I think I might even have laughed when Darren Bent scored.

Yeah that game was more bewildering than annoying. Agreed on yesterday, first time I’ve been properly angry at the ol footy in ages

It’s kind of odd that I still prefer that fucking visceral fury than the complete boredom of most of the last two years. It’s like I said after the City loss earlier this season, it was just nice to have the heart racing a bit again.