Midweek Football Thread



Full set of fixtures over today & tomorrow, and someone’s stunk out the Monday thread with some Squires shit.

Wenger surely getting the sack tonight after limping to an away win at Everton


I just like The Chicken Connoisseur’s quest for the pengest munch is all.


Is the arsenal match on tele?


Is Squires heading for a fall?


Aye, Everton Arsenal tonight and Palace Utd tomorrow both on BT Sport innit


Thinking of going to see Fulham away at Rotherham tonight on my own, definitely going to be shit though innit


Rotherham won at the weekend right? Not even like it’s a guaranteed thumping now is it.


ha, just googled it and the game’s at craven cottage, my fixtures app is wrong, I’ll probably leave it (we ought to thump them so will definitely lose)


Brentford are away to Bristol City, definitely going to lose. pretty sure most of the away trips i wanted to do this season are midweek, like this one and Villa and probably others. doubly annoying as i’ll be in Bristol at the weekend but no, Brentford had to be away to Leeds on Saturday instead.

Bristol City 8743578645676 - 0 Brentford


are we acknowledging that awful Bohemian Rhapsody thing in the last thread or glossing over that>?


We’re glossing over it




yes, Aston Villa did grind out a good win the weekend


and you can tune in tonight to see how far we’ve come


Squires was on the Second Captains podcast recently, apparently he doesn’t actually watch football but uses social media algorithms to find out which incidents generated the most banter and does his drawings based on that


sorry, all squires chat should be in the monday football thread where no one has to read it. Thanks




Genuinely the most punchable face in the world*

*Gotta love him though.


Yeah don’t think I’d ever get tired of punching him in the face


No idea what will happen tbh