Midweek footers


Champions League!
Europa League!
Pards to Norwich!


Rowett in at Pride Park.
Cautiously optimistic.
For next season.


Poor Steve and his hair island :frowning:


A good appointment as long as they give him more time than Paul Clement.


Extract from Schteve’s interview after the Brighton debacle says it all:
"We had 56 per cent possession in our own half"
Perhaps the new man will actually encourage a more direct approach and we might score a few more goals.
Mel Morris (Mr Candy Crush) has an itchy trigger finger with the managers, we are now up to 5 in two years, so yes, hopefully he will give Rowett a chance to actually build something.


FINALLY someone says it like it is about Wenger.


Please god


Here’s hoping Leicester resume normal service and get battered tonight.


Warburton confirmed at Forest


Another good appointment. What options are there for Norwich now?


They can have Paul Lambert back if they want. I’ll give him a lift.


I mean our experience of him is mostly positive but fully aware he’s been shite since leaving us so no thanks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hodgson, Pards and…? Someone left field?


A lot to unpack there.


He’s not in the betting as far as I can tell. But I’m going to call Dougie Freedman as next Norwich manager.


It’s one of the most ridiculous comments on football I’ve ever heard.


Not just football




Fuck it, tactics Tim, let’s just embrace our embarrassing jokey small time ness



a) He was on a Palace fans podcast recently and sounded relaxed and rejuvenated.
b) He didn’t do well at Bolton or Forest but they weren’t good clubs to manage at the time and if I remember rightly was starting to turn it around at Forest.
c) At Palace we did have an awful run with him but that’s due to coming out of admin. When he left for Bolton we were 2nd and playing good stuff.
d) He has his faults as a manager but his scouting is superb. Jedinak free, Delaney free, Murray free, Bolasie £300k, Ward £300k, brought Zaha in from nowhere from our youth team. I think our playoff promotion team cost less than a million.

I reckon a relaxed Freedman without his baggage might do well. Still a legend as a player for us, and I’ve forgiven him for leaving.