Midweek Footy Thread (OOOOF!)

Incorporating tonight, City’s latest schooling at the hands of Bartha, and Big Red’s MASSIVE Europa League game against Linfield or whoever.

Who are we pretending to watch tonight - Sporting Clube v BVB? (@meths).

Got to give credit to Leicester for putting all their effort eggs in the CL basket
They’ve won the premiership now, probably won’t again, might as well only give a shit about this competition eh
Commendable, wish the manchester clubs would realise the same and act accordingly

That one’s been on the stove for a while.


Hardboiled effort eggs

helps that they’ve got the easiest group possible

City have published their 15/16 accounts. Profitable, debt free and completely self-sustainable eight years after investment. It’s almost like these guys had some sort of solid plan.


Got a feeling City are going to give Barca a right old spanking tomorrow night!

Aye, begrudgingly they’ve done fucking brilliantly there in fairness. The academy system and everything they’ve invested in is top-class as well.

Grealish banned for three games, will miss the Brimingham derbz

On the train and it’s full of Bolton fans. Eurgh.

Anyone going to mention what an absolute mare Spurs are having trying to play out from the back tonight, in particular their goalie? Thought not.

fucking hell. that Jensen is dog slow

Lloris’ distribution has always been the weakest bit of his game

Imagine living in wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen and then having to go to fucking Leicester to see your side lose :blush:

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Ugh Fulham, every time Fulham.


half watching this spurs game. looks open as fuck

Leicester showing what English sides can do when they get to handpick their group!


Remember the CL after city won the premiership? Was a good one.

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I had four correct results. The team who let me down was Derby.

When will I learn not to back Mcclaren?