'Midweek' is Tuesday and Wednesday

Thursday is its own separate thing

  • You’re right
  • You’re wrong, Thursday is also midweek
  • You’re wrong, only Wednesday is midweek
  • You’re wrong, for a different reason
  • I’ll need further convincing either way

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Midweek meals = any main meal from Monday to Thursday
Therefore midweek = Monday to Thursday

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Goodness me!

“are you available at the weekend?”
“Ah sorry I have family commitments”
“What about midweek?”

In this conversation, how would you explain where Monday and Thursday fit?

I’m dying on this hill, dammit


I’d politely explain to them that in my opinion, Thursday is not midweek, but yes, I don’t have any plans then.

I wouldn’t even think to address Monday at all, as that is about as midweek as Friday is (i.e. Not at all)


Thursday is Friday

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It is for me this week!

#longweekend #blessed

Alright crew… it’s midweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!


This week for me thursday is saturday and friday is froday

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That’s right


Midweek again, Garfie baby

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Tuesday for me is 3pm but other than that, spot on

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Thursday is pub day. It is its own separate entity

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If only Wednesday was midweek then why is midweek even a word? Wrongest opinion in the thread imo

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Monday - Dark blue
Tuesday - Beige
Wednesday - Light orange
Thursday - Purple
Friday - Green

No questions.

i used to associate the days of the week as colours, but they were the colours of each day in TV Times magazine


once you obtain full mastery of the self, time becomes meaningless :person_in_lotus_position:

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Thursday is not the end of the week, ergo it is midweek. Late midweek, I’ll give you that, but midweek nonetheless.

monday is monday, tuesday and wednesday are midweek, thursday is the thinking man’s friday, friday is actual friday

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