Midweek Lunch Thread of Excitement!

2 x homemade Cheese & Pickle with rocket today.
Sountracked by Six.by Seven’s seminal album 04.
A solid 6.5/10, but I’m still hungry unfortunately.


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Got a tuna sammich. Reckon it’s going to be really dry :-1:

Got given a couple of monopoly stickers to get a free cheeseburger and an apple pie or sundae from Mickey D’s… might be time.

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i had a little quiche

I’ve got a roasted salmon, mixed wild rice, edamame and cranberry salad :disappointed:

Not sure again. I think I need to start bringing my lunch.

I need something carb heavy like pasta I reckon.


Dunno yet, depends what the canteen has on offer, it’s a complete lottery tbh

Homemade veggie jalfrezi. Yes!

Pasta salad is an excellent lunch, but I can never be bothered to make it.

I had a bit of bacon this morning from the canteen so leaving lunch for today.

Pleased I did - just had a mosey around what’s down there today and it’s all rank.

forgot my lunch so could fuck my diet off and get something out the cafe downstairs… or go to tesco and get something boring

Homemade chicken and spinach sandwich with some Encona sauce, cup of tea and a Tesco own Mars Bar.

I could happily eat that again.

I think I’ll grab a Spicy Korean Chicken thing from Itsu. Really like that.

Roast dinner, boom!


A salad of organic kurakkan, edamame, cauliflower, apple, baby spinach, red onion, coconut, mint, organic red berries vinegar, curry and mango sauce.


Enjoy your afternoon nap


I’m never complaining about your canteen again. That looks superb.

one of my flatmates ate most of my cheese so I’ve only got enough for one slice of cheese on toast. might have some toast and jam afterwards

was really looking forward to it as well, what a disappointment

glad you’re back

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you’ve hit the jackpot there laelfers