Midweek slump (or WAYLFT?)

Quiet here innit, let’s have a nice thread about things we are looking forward to.

This month I am excited about the film Us and the game Sekiro coming out. BOTH ON THE SAME DAY

Going to Norwich the weekend after this coming one.


The tofu café up the hill and to the left from the penoid games shop is really good and does amazing cake.

Watch out for roaming @saps though.


I like cake.

going on hols with the bike wankers

  • Hometime
  • Finally seeing The Cure in the summer
  • Queer Eye S3

Going to my first Plymouth Argyle game for nearly 3 years on Saturday. Financual/geographical constraints have meant I’ve not been able to go and I’m really, disproportionately excited about seeing us lose at home to Luton.

Oh shit sekiro! Yes boi!

I am looking forward to supporting worriedaboutsatan on Friday.


Sick burn on Saps

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Literally not possible

They are smashing these out. What a joy!

THRONE Thrones Game of THRONE Thrones Game of

Top of the league int’ they.

  • Night out with some ATDs on Sat
  • Belgian classics
  • Climbing some munro(e?)s/mountains in Scotland
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Oh no! My face! So eggy! It was the Watford fan in me coming out

I haven’t watched the trailer yet and, as is tradition, have forgotten basically everything that’s happened up until this point

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Honestly, I don’t think I’d know how to react if I saw us win a game like that, not sure it’s ever come up.

  • Seeing The Hold Steady in London this weekend
  • Hols I’ve just booked to Turkey and Portugal
  • Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame

saps is one of my faves.

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  • Auditioning a couple of drummers this weekend, be nice if that works out
  • Havent had a beer since i got back so probably sink a few on friday