Midweek THE CHAMPYAAANS Football Thread

Gabriel Jesus starts the inevitable “look good for one game, out for fifteen” part of his City career, a stage which will last roughly a decade. What a nice possibly-human Pep Guardiola is, though.

I presume we’re all sticking the Bolton Rochdale showdown on tonight?

Odds on Man City players wearing “Jesus” shirts in their next warm up?

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Vaguely related: Was surprised to see how decent Aguero’s fitness record is. Averages 42 games a season. Rooney averages 43 and I’ve never considered him a sicknote.

very excited to announce the new album recorded by bugduv, parsefone and the rest of the citeh lads (available at participating patrol stations)


At Atletico he missed eleven league games in five years through injury. He had one really poor season for niggling injuries here, but if you discount that season he’s missed 24 league games over another five seasons. Which as you say is actually pretty good compared to other players.

Some of these games he’s been rested or dropped for as well. It’s pretty hard to distinguish between the two when checking. Seems pretty nailed on he’ll get an injury now Jesus is out, but looking back they’ve generally been minor knocks - 2-4 weeks a time, etc.

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Heheheh. It’s funny because written down, his name is the same as well known former proselytiser Jesus Christ! Imagine if there was a whole continent where that name was really popular, the shabs and bants we would have then.


Just incase nobody else knew (I didnt) but you can watch PSGBarca game for free on BT sport

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Anyone on these boards support forest? What are they like atm? Assombalonga banging them in?

They’re awful, especially away. A horrible, cynical side. Just sold their best player. Atmosphere at the club dreadful. Couple of wins lately, but if Fulham stick somone on Vaughan and play to 60% of their capabilities they’ll win handsomely.

di maria di maria i like it loud

cracking free kick

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Veratti’s my favourite non-arsenal player. Hate that he’s at such a non-club, he’s beautiful.

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He plays for PSG, mate.


Wonder how many goals they need to take to the nou camp… 4… and a clean sheet…

a million

I think Sevilla, Juve or Monaco could win this if Barca go out here, y’know.