Midweek Wherefore Art Thou Olivier Football Thread

Alright? I’m mostly posting to say I’m off to Alt Foresterei tonight to see Union take on Nürnburg (which is the first game I saw there many years ago) but me going to football in Berlin is hardly news worthy anymore SO:


Man Utd get their rightful spot back on TV
Also Wendesday vs Reading for some reason


Mostly kinda meh, with Newport hosting Spurs the most #magic pick of the day
Some championship games for those who don’t see the point in the cup, including Norwich at Brentford and Ipswich getting their pants pulled down by Wolves
On the continent, Valencia take on Real and Bayern host Hoffenheim in the most #quiz matches of the day

it’s the banter game of the season as @Ruffers squares up to @bugduv and his crew
Chelsea vs Newcastle is also happening

Let’s all have some good clean fun this weekend yeah? Only Thread rule. Cheers, stay rude x

Whoever wins. football wins (as long as it’s Cardiff and not oilball)


Such a historic result for Cardiff deserved a much better title/OP.


you can write another one if you want I don’t really care I’m just procrastinating and will never return because it’s probably for the best

I think we can all agree that we’re in for a bumper weekend of fast, furious soccer action!

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google haven’t replaced Cardiff’s old red badge hehehe

No chance for Cardiff I’m afraid as City are being very small time in the cup comps putting out their 1st team. Kev De Bruyne, Sterling, Aguero, Sane vs Bristol City!

is secretly devestated he’s not impressed the big man

Nothing in City’s defence can hold back Big Nath

Btw if by some circumstance we do manage an upset I’ll definitely be bringing it up every day henceforth


I don’t know any Cardiff players, I’m sorry.

In big soccer news. The Byron house couldn’t have s Christmas do due to various calendar clashes so we are having a burns night do tonight instead

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I shall be watching the White Harts being dumped out of the cup tomorrow, which will no doubt be most upsetting for Harry and Debbie.

Four week ban for him if Cardiff win.

Gonna be rolling in beer tokens yourself, party all round surely
(4 weeks will be nowhere, nowhere near enough either)

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I’ll be financially profiting from my own misery, MAKE NO MISTAKE!

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The Ruffers banter to one side, if you could guarantee one cupset this round…

  • Yeo Outta There (Man United)
  • Antonio Gonte (Chelsea)
  • Vinny Tantastic (City)
  • Emperor’s Newport Clothes (Spurs)
  • Absolutely Pardewed (Liverpool)

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Happily out of the cup and free to Concentrate On The League ™, Wolves will be returning to winning ways by ploughing Mad Mick’s Tractor Boys aside.

My friend (a Liverpool fan) has stopped talking to me after I txt him the following before the Liverpool Swansea game 'I hope our boys don’t fold tonight it wud be classic Liverpool after beating Man city…oh mercy!'
To add some context I am neither a Liverpool fan or a football man, it’s some of my best work to date.