Midweek Wherefore Art Thou Olivier Football Thread

I’ll be financially profiting from my own misery, MAKE NO MISTAKE!

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The Ruffers banter to one side, if you could guarantee one cupset this round…

  • Yeo Outta There (Man United)
  • Antonio Gonte (Chelsea)
  • Vinny Tantastic (City)
  • Emperor’s Newport Clothes (Spurs)
  • Absolutely Pardewed (Liverpool)

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Happily out of the cup and free to Concentrate On The League ™, Wolves will be returning to winning ways by ploughing Mad Mick’s Tractor Boys aside.

My friend (a Liverpool fan) has stopped talking to me after I txt him the following before the Liverpool Swansea game ‘I hope our boys don’t fold tonight it wud be classic Liverpool after beating Man city…oh mercy!’
To add some context I am neither a Liverpool fan or a football man, it’s some of my best work to date.

Need United to go deep in this competition. Only chance we’ve got in the league, realistically.


Oh wait, thought this meant what do you think could happen not what you want to

Both of them are just the absolute definition of Small Men. Can’t wait till they’re both dead.


The fact that nobody in the crew saw fit to firebomb that room makes them complicit and collectively deserving of a much larger firebomb.


Hallo Von die Alt Foresterei


God Morgan is such a little weasel cunt.




Darmian starts.

1-1 it is then.

Proper uninspiring team. No idea what I think an inspiring Man Utd team would be mind

lingard, atom, humber + 8 others


One with Pogba, Martial, Sanchez, Lingard and Lukaku playing with Shaw and Valencia at FB

Gomes instead of McTallBoy would work actually

I think McTallboy is good actually. But yeah, will be nice to see the Angel of the North (as I’ve just decided to call him)

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Okay, lads. You’ve spoken and requested Manchester United to be bounced out. I like to give people what they want, so i’ve had a word upstairs and they’re exiting the competition. You’re welcome.

Fucks sake. No point watching now.


Is Dan Walker absolutely massive or the Yeovil manager a shortarse?

Or bit of a); bit of b)?