I know a few of you on here really enjoyed Midwife’s early Grouper-esque Like Author, Like Daughter - seems she released a 30 minute EP last year that I haven’t seen anyone mention. I wouldn’t want @zanimos or @TAFH33 to miss out!

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Oh wow, I had completely missed this, thank you! This is fantastic and a must-hear for anyone who liked Like Author, Like Daughter - definitely not a throwaway EP whatsoever.

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I love that electronic static-woosh sound that comes in and out, it really adds to it.

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Ace. Thanks!
I’ve also been checking out her releases as Mariposa and Sister Grotto - all great stuff.


Yeah, must do that too, thanks for reminding me!


Forever was in my Nightshift mix.

Prayer Hands is essential listening. I’ll easily fall for this kind of thing in general, that Flenser-style slow-guitar-and-drum-machine-washed-the-fuck-out, but this is one of the best records of that style.